Wireframing / Prototyping / UI / Front End Development

Timelic makes it easy for users and teams to manage and track tasks and lists.


As the first employee of Product Spark, I was responsible for the research, interaction design, visual design, branding and front-end development of a collaboration tool called Timelic. This project took place between October and December 2017.


The 2 primary objectives were building a product that would firstly help users to manage their personal tasks, and secondly allow teams to break projects down in tasks. Always bearing in mind that delivering fast and on time was a high- priority for the business, I quickly jumped in, gathering all the required information and asking a lot a questions.


We opted for a lean approach to UX which empasized on rapid sketching, prototyping, iteration and design. Getting feedback as early as possible on the usability of an approach helped us to remove incomplete or incorrect assumptions.


The process kickstarted with a few ideas which were sketched on paper and quickly translated into low-fi wireframes. Following this, I validated the rough concept internally.

Project Screenshot
Project Screenshot

Visual Design

A variety of visual design explorations were produced in Sketch. To enhance the design process I kept all pages, text styles, symbols, layers and artboards organised. I presented the design as clickable prototypes on Invision to collect feedback.


Jumping directly into my text editor and start shaping the code allowed production-ready code to be produced from the start and also a better representation of how the final design would look.

Project Screenshot
Project Screenshot
Project Screenshot Project Screenshot
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