Information Architecture / Wireframing / Prototyping / UI / Front End Development

Penguin Living helps people to make positive changes to life.


I led the UX work, producing all major deliverables and presenting these to the client. I worked alongside a team of developers and collaborated effectively with stakeholders and product managers.


Penguin Living approached Propagator Group with the objective of creating a platform, for companies and employees, that would make people’s life better. Aimed at those who aspire to be better and do more, this platform was intended to share inspiration from world-class authors and experts in the form of books, articles, videos or audiobooks. The biggest challenge was the Information Architecture process for organizing all the content in a way that would be usable, visually pleasing, reach the client’s goals and work in harmony.


Gathering data from Stakeholders Interviews was the starting point. I used methods such as task flow diagrams and card sorting to help to design and evaluate the information architecture of the site. I produced a large number of prototypes and designs that were subject to iteration and change.

Card sorting

When meeting with the client for the first time I used card sorting as a method to involve participants in the process.

Project Screenshot
Project Screenshot

Mood boarding

I have include mood boarding as a part of my creative process to plan the visual hierarchy of the project.


I created symbols for repeating patterns and UI elements. This way I would only need to modify that element in one place and it would apply across all artboards. If it was reusable in Sketch, it was a good candidate to be reusable in the code.

Project Screenshot
Project Screenshot
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