Information Architecture / Wireframing / Front End Development

Home Staging and Interior Design Studio.


I was approached by Judite to design and build the website for her own home staging and interior design business.


Since I was working with a very tight deadline and budget, there were two challenges which I had to tackle: remove any processes that would be time-consuming or could compromise the delivery of the project on time; and concentrate on designing and building a usable and engaging website with just enough features to satisfy Judite’s early customers.


It was clear to me from very early in the project that I wouldn’t be able to follow a traditional UX process. Although I’m a strong advocate of doing design research, sketching, and ideation before writing a single line of code, I decided to concentrate all my efforts on gathering the necessary information to create a clear structure of the site, and started the design process straight in the browser rather than in Sketch. Despite the fact that the result was far from perfect, I was able to design and deliver a usable website in two weeks.

Photo Session

Because it was so important to create a strong personal brand that would communicate what Judite is and does, she accepted the invitation to come to Bristol from Paris for a photo shoot with me.

Project Screenshot
Project Screenshot
Project Screenshot
Project Screenshot
Project Screenshot
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