Interaction designer.
Advocate for UX.
Strong front-end skills.


I’m a multi-faceted designer based in Bristol with 8 years of experience, working independently and in teams, collaborating with designers, development teams, stakeholders and clients to build intuitive, consistent and delightful interactive experiences.

My passion lies in creating design strategies that translate into interactions using wireframes, mockups and fully-interactive prototypes. My workflow is efficient from creating a prototype, to putting it out to test, to receiving user feedback, and create an improved iteration of the prototype. I’m able to work with agile multi-disciplinary teams sharing ideas as early as possible and respond effectively to criticism.

With a strong background in front-end development, I understand design patterns and write semantic HTML and modular CSS with accessibility in mind.

While I focus on interaction design, I’m always looking for ways to get a little better every day and to learn other disciplines. I’m interested in personal development, entrepreneurial ventures, start-ups, video production and photography.

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  • Solve complex problems in simple ways.
  • Turn concepts into workable and usable prototypes.
  • Able to prototype in HTML/CSS/ jQuery and make code production-ready.
  • Implement design patterns and iterate them.
  • Able to translate user stories into different design approaches.
  • Capable of working in flexible and collaborative ways, taking into account all views and feedback.
  • Can choose the appropriate tools and techniques to use - tool agnostic.
  • Ability to share possible ideas early and iterate collaboratively.
  • Challenge assumptions during the design process and generate new ideas.
  • Can prioritise effectively and focus on what is important.
  • Empathy for all users, including those with accessibility needs.
  • Able to create and use living design patterns / design systems.


“Marco is a talented, friendly designer and frontend developer who’s been a pleasure to work with. He’s always keen to collaborate and isn’t afraid to ask questions or challenge where needed. I always look forward to his positivity every day we worked together!”

Craig Livings
Director at Product Spark

"Marco has been a delight to work with. Always positive with a great can-do attitude, he is a rare animal in my experience - a digital designer with extensive technical abilities, able to consider factors such as the usability, complexity, maintainability and accessibility of the implementation at the same time as the aesthetics of his designs.”

Wyc Slingsby
Director / Co-Founder at Propagator
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